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Spring Track Day - April 20, 2018

The  Colonial Challenge Cup Inc, ran another successful track day at Summit Point Motorsports Park in April raising over $8,000 for the Annapolis Trust. The event provides the opportunity for you to bring your car to Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia and learn your real capabilities as a driver in a controlled environment under the tutelage of experienced instructors.  Approximately 111 participants attended the event and the “weather Gods” produced a wonderful sunny spring day.  Our sincere thanks to our sponsors; DPR Construction, M-Corp US and Hyper Bicycles.  Funds raised will provide support for two students to attend college next year.  Our special thanks to our celebrity guest, Chip Herr for attending the event.  He entertained everyone with tales about his driving experiences, signed autographs and took some lucky visitors on a few laps around the track.


For those interested in signing up for the CCC Track Day at Summit Point on October 19, 2018, you can register here.

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