Spring Track Day 2017

Another memorable CCC Track Day.  80 drivers including our stalwart instructors.  The weather Gods produced a wonderful day and everyone drove home in his or her car (more or less).  Our sincere thanks to our sponsors; Charles Schwab, ByteGrid, DFS Construction, DPR Construction, HSU Builders, and Hyper Bicycles.  We raised over $8,000 for the Annapolis Trust, which will pay for three students to attend college next year and two more to spend three weeks in Scotland this summer at the Gordonstoun Summer School.  


Our thanks to Travis Pastrana for being such a good sport.  We do hope that he will be back to prove that Jackie Dee’s watch is incorrect and that Ben Sarli did not pip him by 2 100th’s in the hot lap.  The word is that Travis has invited Ben to his home turf, the 40 foot tall Giganta Ramp, at Nitro Circus Live (that should take care of a repeat in CCC Track Day 2018!).


My thanks to all of the volunteers: Brian, Leslie, Joe, Jackie, Ben P and Ben S.  An immense amount of work goes into the CCC events and there is no way that they would happen without everyone’s hard work.  We are already working on CCC Track Day 2018.  Go karts will be back and so will the CCC umbrella girls.  Our thanks to Chris White and his staff.  Chris has promised us a Friday next April. Thanks Chris!


And finally, our thanks to Robin Sparrow for sponsoring the Trust in his “One Lap of America” BMW.  Crush it Mr. Sparrow.  We will be with you all the way.


Until next spring: have fun, keep your head down, drive carefully and watch out for drivers who clearly have no idea what they are doing. 


Crispin Etherington

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