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Fall Track Day - September 3, 2020

Yet another successful CCC Track Day at Summit Point Motorsports Park. 100 drivers, crew and general hangers on spent a day of driving, exchanging stories and socializing, while respecting the requirement to comply with the CDC recommendations of social distancing and wearing masks.  Credit to Ben P., our fearless head instructor and his team of instructors for running the Lead & Follow format for the beginners run group.  Speaking of which, we had the largest beginners run group ever, as a result of which we plan on running a third CCC Track day in 2021 designed around a program of in class and in car instruction on the Jefferson circuit just for beginners.  Further details to follow shortly, so watch out for the monthly e-mail blast.


Despite another down pour at the end of the day reception, the awards were of the highest standard, many quite confusing due to a lack of any association with motorsports.  To the amusement of the rain drenched attendees, Edwin, Crispin and Kathleen further confused the assembled throng by appearing in period attire that resembled a re-enactment of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (with masks).  Who only knows what tom foolery will prevail in the spring, but rest assured something will pop up.


Once again the event raised money for the Annapolis Trust and in addition to providing scholarship funds for the students attend college, Reggie Broddie, CEO of the Annapolis Trust has expanded the activities of the Trust to include programs for elementary school students, high school students and graduates.  We will post details on the Colonial Challenge Cup Facebook page and the next e-mail blast. 


Our thanks to Ben S, Wayne and Donny for running a flawless tech inspection, and of course, Leslie, Jackie, Kevin and Eric for handling registration. 


Thanks to everyone for attending the event despite all the challenges of the pandemic. 

Below is just a sampling of the photos. Please check out…/Cars/625-Colonial-Cup-Challenge AND to view all photos. High resolution versions are available for purchase.


The next CCC Track Day will be at Summit Point on April 16, 2021 Register here!

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