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Spring Track Day - April 16, 2021

Despite the challenges of a pandemic, our spring CCC Track Day at Summit Point Motorsports Park saw the best-ever attendance and, in fact, we had to close registration three weeks before the event.  117 drivers, crew, and general hangers on spent a day of driving, exchanging stories and socializing, while respecting the requirement to comply with the CDC recommendations of social distancing and wearing masks.  Credit to both Ben P., our fearless head instructor and his team of instructors for running the event without a hitch and the new drive-in registration, under the leadership of Leslie, worked well.  We shall follow this format again for future CCC Track Days.

In an effort to introduce something different at our end of day reception and following the re-enactment of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid from Edwin, Crispin and Kathleen in September (look back at the Fall Recap 2020 and you will understand), entertainment came from renowned saxophonist, Brian Lanier, accompanied by a talented rising star, Edwin Pardue, playing the banjo. The crowd joined in with some spirited signing although no one individual stood out as a potential recording star.  Just wait until the September 2, 2021 CCC Track Day and see what entertainment we will provide…

Reggie Broddie, CEO of the Annapolis Trust, provided an update on the activities of the Trust and introduced former scholarship student, Sean Roberts, who recently started his own business as a web designer. The Trust continues to expand its activities to include programs for elementary school students, high school students and graduates. 

In response to feedback that we received from the beginners run group, we will be running a CCC Track Day for beginners/novice drivers only on July 24, 2021, on the Jefferson Track at Summit Point. The event will be specifically designed to include more personal instruction, safe driving techniques, skid pad and of course performance driving under the tutelage of a personal instructor.  The event will be limited to 30 drivers. Anyone can participate providing you are a licensed driver and over the age of 18.  Register the Special Beginners Only Track Day! 

Our thanks to Ben S, Wayne and Donny for running a flawless tech inspection, Joe for skills as our Master of Ceremonies and of course, Leslie, Jackie, Kevin, Eric, Eric’s dad and Shaun for handling registration. 
Thanks to everyone for attending the event despite all the challenges of the pandemic. Below is just a sampling of the photos. Check out the Full Photo Library! 

Registration is also open for the CCC Track Day at Summit Point on September 2, 2021. Register for the Fall Track Day!

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